The Control Room
The Control Room

 The Bluejay Productions Recording Studio is built around a digital audio workstation (DAW) running Cakewalk Sonar X4 and Waves plugins. The front end is analog, with a great selection of mics plugged to Presonus and Mackie VLZ mic preamps, into two M-Audio Delta 1010s. A Sony APR5000 1/4″ reel to reel tape recorder is available for live 2-Track analog recordings.

The studio is located in my home, perched on a mountain side in the forest over-looking the Rogue Valley and Cascade Mountains. The ambiance here is quiet, relaxed, private, and natural. However, partying on the deck is always in order. Or coffee…


The Iso or Vocal Booth is located in the control room/living room and provides a quiet space for recording vocals and solo instruments. It is convenient to step out of the booth, take a seat on the leather couch, and listen back to your takes.

Tracking vocals with Roger of 221Fly
Listening back to the takes
Listening back to the takes

The tracking room can accommodate up to a six piece band and is acoustically designed to be comfortable at high volume. Sunshine streams in this room through windows that look out to the garden and forest.

Recording Kelly Cornett
Tracking The Legendary Goodtimes
Tracking The Legendary Goodtimes

Here are some more studio photos…

Miking the kit with Mark of The Legendary Goodtimes
Tracking vocals with Matt of The Legendary Goodtimes
Control Room with analog recording chain (Midas Venice > Crest CPL1288 > Sony APR5000)
Listening to the takes
Discussing Matt’s leather work
Ready to mic the kit  
Mark dialing in the mix
The analog to digital recording chain is recording live to tape and then transfering quickly to digital to preserve the fresh, crisp analog sound.
The kit is miked
Getting ready to track
Listening back and loving it
Drum kit miked, with just the right dampening on the kick
Relax on the deck overlooking the Rogue Valley and Cascade Mountains
Scenic beauty surrounds the studio


Taking a break